About Labour Solve

Since we opened our doors in June 2004, Labour Solve has been helping businesses across a wide range of industries manage their staff and improve their productivity.

As your partner in labour management, we will help you deal with specific issues such as a CCMA meeting or employment contract development but we will also look at your business as a whole. This holistic approach means we can help you put in place a strategy to reduce the potential for risk when it comes to your labour force. We will tailor make this strategy to your business’ unique needs while ensuring that the processes we put in place are legally compliant.

This will help you create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace with an aim to achieving your business goals.

Monthly Retainer Service

Option to include the following services depending on your business needs:

  • Unlimited telephonic assistance
  • Chairing disciplinary and appeal hearings
  • Poor work performance consultations
  • Ill health and incapacity consultations (including case management)
  • Grievance resolutions
  • Informal attempts at dispute resolutions
  • Retrenchment consultations
  • Strike attendances
  • Changes to employment conditions
  • Recognition and organisational rights agreements
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Union/wage negotiations
  • Support at the CCMA
  • Preparation of litigation bundles in the CCMA

How We Work

  • Monthly retainers mean no hidden costs
  • We give high quality advice over the phone or we will come to you
  • Legal advice easily available
  • One go-to person per client
  • A small, dedicated team