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Disaster Management Adjustment – Level 2

Aug 2020 Level 2 – 43620_17-8_CoopGov  

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Disaster Management – Risk Adjusted Strategy Regulations Gazetted 29 April 2020

Please find link below for all necessary information in regards to risk adjustment for the lockdown during Covid19, updated on 29 April 2020. Risk-Adjusted-Strategy-Regulations-Gazetted 29.4.2020

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Covid19 OHS Directive and Guidelines on Management of Covid19 Waste

Please see below the recently updated (28 April 2020) OHS Directive for adopting and implementing occupational health and safety measures.  Also below is guidelines published March 2020 for Guidelines on Management of Covid19 health care waste at healthcare and quarantine

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Essential Service Application Portal – Renew or Apply for Certificate due to extension of the lockdown period

You may need to either apply for your Essential Service Certificate or extend your Essential Service Certificate due to the extension of the lockdown. Should you fall into either of these categories, please find link below for such an application:

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NEW: Online Application for Covid19 TERS

Hello There is now an online application portal available for Covid19Ters application.  Please see forms and guidelines attached.   The link for the portal is below: https://uifecc.labour.gov.za/covid19/signoutAcc   Copy of National_Disaster_Payment-Excel_Template Easy Guide 1 Guidelines-To_Convert_Excel_TO_CSV_V2 On – line guide document

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Learnership Allowance, Contract Cleaning Sector and Wholesale Retail Sector, New National Minimum Wage effective as of 01 March 2020,

Hello   Please find below the new National Minimum wage, also included is Learnership Allowance, Contract Cleaning Sector and Wholesale Retail Sector   New National-Minimum-Wage-Act-Update Feb 2020 as of 01 March 2020_

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Update to the TERS (Temporary Employer/ Employee Relief Scheme) Application

Please find new forms released this week for the TERS Application 1.Copy of National_Disaster_Payment-Excel_Template 2 Guidelines-To_Convert_Excel_TO_CSV_V2 3 00000034_06APR2020_1_SAMPLE 4 Copy of Employers_Account_Information 5 MOA UIF EMPLOYER 6 MOA B 7 MOA C 8 MOA D 9 Undertaking Letter COVID19 TERS

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Laboursolve assistance during Lockdown

Hello   During this critical time the nation finds itself in, we understand that you will be in constant need of advice and assistance now more than ever and more so in the near future. We hereby advise that Laboursolve

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Essential Service Application Portal

Business that fall under the essential service category would require to seek approval from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC) to be able to trade during the period of lockdown.  A portal has been created and is open

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Covid19 Ters Easy Guide

If employers are unable to pay employees during Covid 19, special benefit fund called the UIF-TERS has been set up. This means that a company which has to close its operations for a period of three months or less, due

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