Disciplinary Skills Workshops & Training

Our training is designed to empower business owners, managers, and supervisors to effectively deal with discipline in the workplace.

Training covers:

  • Understanding the legal context of labour relations
  • Understanding the principles of fairness
  • Understanding the difference between poor work performance and discipline
  • Applying formal and informal discipline in the workplace
  • Effectively formulating charges, gathering evidence, preparing of witnesses, and strategizing to present an employer’s case at a disciplinary enquiry
  • Dealing with appeal proceedings in the most effective manner

Labour Solve Disciplinary Skills Workshop

This training increase your capacity to deal effectively with all incidents relating to misconduct, poor work performance and disciplinary enquiries in your workplace. The training is aimed at personnel in a management and supervisory level.

The workshop will be facilitated by an experienced labour law consultant who has experience in the field and will cover:

  • Procedural and substantive fairness and applying the principle of corrective discipline in the workplace
  • The Rules of Evidence which covers the types, applicability, admissibility, credibility and preparation of evidence
  • Planning for a disciplinary inquiry, developing a strategy and preparing witnesses and documentary evidence
  • Role-playing of a disciplinary inquiry i.e. Employer vs. Employee and Trade Union
  • How to issue disciplinary documents i.e. warnings, dismissals, notices to attend, etc.

All delegates will receive a file with relevant materials as well as a certificate that confirms workshop attendance.