Don’t get caught with your “pants down” at this year’s Company Party!!!

So it’s getting close to the time of the year again when workers and their bosses come together to let their hair down at the annual Christmas party.
The truth is, it’s human nature for some people to overdo it on the occasion, especially if alcohol is provided, and this results in the event being ruined for everybody else.

The Christmas party is considered a part of the working environment therefore the employer needs to take action to make sure the chances of injury and embarrassment are minimized.

Below are a few guidelines to help make your Christmas party a success:
• Send an email or publish a staff notice that reminds employees of the company’s safety policies, the behaviour that will be acceptable and the appropriate dress code.
• Designate a “responsible person” to keep an open eye for any issues that may arise during the function. Make sure that all staff are aware of who this person is.
• Remind staff that “Secret Santa” gifts should not be of an offensive or sexual nature.

• Alcohol may be available, responsibly. Appointing a bartender can help accomplish this.
• Plenty food must be served with alcohol and staff must be encouraged to consume more food than alcohol.
• Non-alcoholic beverages should also be ample.
• Don’t hang mistletoe. A meaningless kiss may give way to problematic effects.

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