Industrial Relations Training for March 2012

To All Employers, Managers and Supervisors

LabourSolve is conducting training to increase your capacity to deal effectively with all incidents and aspects relating to misconduct, poor work performance and disciplinary enquiries in your work place.

The Training Workshop will be facilitated by an experienced Labour Law Consultant who has vast experience in the field of disciplinary issues in the workplace.

The training will enable you or your HR Managers, Line Managers, Managers/ supervisors to be immediately effective when encountering such issues. Delegates will receive a file with relevant material empowering them with immediate effect and minimize risk to your operation.

The training is industry orientated and of a practical nature.
• Procedural and substantive fairness and applying the principle of corrective discipline in the workplace;
• The Rules of Evidence which covers the types, applicability, admissibility, credibility and preparation of evidence;
• Planning for a disciplinary inquiry, developing a strategy and preparing witnesses and documentary evidence;
• Role-playing of a disciplinary inquiry i.e. Employer vs. Employee and Trade Union;
• How to issue disciplinary documents i.e. warnings, dismissals, notices to attend, etc.
Module 1: Overview
Module 2: Knowing the Law
Source of Fairness
Applying Corrective Discipline
Procedural and Substantive Fairness
Procedure for Non-Dismissable Offences
Procedure for Dismissable Offences
Module 3: Evidence
Applicability of Rules of Evidence
What constitutes Evidence?
Admissibility of Evidence
Credibility of Evidence
Testing the Evidence
Module 4: Preparation
Stages in the Process
Investigating and Evaluating
Initiating the Disciplinary Process
Planning for the Enquiry
Module 5: The Enquiry
Role play of Process
Mitigating/ Aggravating Factors
Making the Decision
Challenging the Outcome

Module 6: Project/ Checklists
Checklists and templates for notices and warnings

Price: R2200.00 excl Vat
Inclusive of training material, light lunch and certificate of attendance
Date: 22 March 2012 – One Day
Presenter: Andries Koen

Please confirm booking by no later than 29 February 2012.
Please respond to admin@laboursolve.co.za should you be interested.
Please inform of your company name, full name of the person attending.

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