Labour Relations & Industrial Relations Support

Labour Compliance Audit (Once off)

An assessment and, if required, documentation and advice to ensure legal compliance and effective management of risk related to employment:

  • Compliance with legal prescriptions (UIF, Workmans Compensation, Attendance Records, Availability of Payslips, summary of Designated Acts).
  • Review and provision of employment contracts and policies appropriate for your business.
  • Advice regarding appropriate workplace practices.
  • Provision of all formal notices with a checklist to ensure procedural fairness in issuing such notices.

Workplace Committees

Prevention is better than cure and Labour Solve has always concentrated on providing the most appropriate solutions in dealing with labour related problems within the workforce, starting with pro-active interventions. Being pro-active reduces the risk of costly labour disputes.
By conducting frequent Workplace Committees, we have proven that these engagements are most useful in inspiring and developing a business’ potential in a sustainable manner. The benefits include:

  • Alignment of the workforce with the organisation’s objectives.
  • Toxic elements and work-related problems are identified early on.
  • Consistent collaboration with the workforce.
  • Improved communication between management and labour.
  • Mentoring, inspiring and equipping management to become more effective leaders.
  • Cultivating a culture that embraces continuous development.
  • Creating a workplace where people are happy, subsequently reducing the risk of union involvement.