Requirements for General Work Permits from Dept of Home Affairs

I am sure the following information will make it easier for you to understand the requirements and to ensure you have all the necessary documentation in order to attain a work permit for foreigners. Please find the requirements below as per the Home Affairs Department:
1. A valid passport not less than 30 days BEFORE the expiry of the permit.
2. A deposit or a written undertaking by the employer accepting responsibility for the costs related to the deportation of the applicant should it become necessary.
3. A yellow fever certificate if travelled or intends travelling from or through a yellow fever area.
4. A police clearance certificate.
5. A medical and radiological report.
6. Marriage certificate and birth certificate for children.
7. Contract of employment stipulating the conditions of employment and signed by both the employer and the applicant.
8. Proof of qualifications evaluated by SAQA.
9. Proof of experience and skills in line with job offer.
10. A letter from the employer motivating why a citizen or permanent residence could not fill the position as well as proof of efforts made to obtain the services of a citizen or resident, together with particulars of the unsuccessful candidates.
11. Proof of publication of an advertisement in the national media(original) (60x60mm)
12. Undertakings by the employer to inform the Department should the applicant not comply with the Act or leave the employer.
13. If required, proof of registration with the relevant professional body, council or board.
14. Full particulars of the employer, including, if applicable, proof of registration of the business and the Registrar of companies.
15. A certificate from Department of Labour or an extract from the database of a salary benchmarking organisation stipulating the average salary earned by employees occupying similar positions in the Republic.
16. CV
17. Employment Contract.
18. A fee of R1520.00.
19. Form B1-1740/1739
N.B. Any documents not in English must be translated to English

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